Hello there!

January 6, 2009

I have been busy these days, that’s why I didn’t post anything here. Sorry! Today I’m here to say you I’ll stop posting for a while and I don’t know when I’ll do it again. Thanks for your attention.


See you!!!


Ho, ho, ho!

December 3, 2008


Hello there!

When we think about Christmas it’s clear that there are many things related to that, right?

Why do we call this Holliday “Christmas”? What about the Christmas tree? What does it mean?

Take a look at this reading comprehension and you’ll know everything about Christmas traditions.

After that you may answer a simple quiz to make sure you got everything you would have read, ok? I got 100% on this quiz, and you? 🙂

Listen to the radio…

December 2, 2008


Hey there!

Are you busy? Yeah, I know! You have a lot of things to do and there is no time to practice your English skills, but you must agree with me that it’s really important to keep in touch with the language at any way, isn’t it? So, that’s what is happening to me right now. I’m really busy doing many things and I’m listening to the radio. It’s an international web radio in which I can listen to some songs and also some interviews. That’s my tip for you today. Take your chance to improve your listening skills having fun through this web radio. Enjoy!!!:)


November 27, 2008


Hello, there!

Today is the fourth Thursday of November. If you don’t know, today is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day in the USA, one of the most important holidays over there. Take a look on this detailed text at Learn American English website in which you’ll have a helpful explanation about that holiday. Enjoy! 😉

Where is the happiness?

November 26, 2008


“Men are what they are because their characters, but it is in action that they find happiness or the reverse.” –Aristotle


Did you get some inspiration with that quote? Would you like to read something in English that makes you improve your language skills and also your soul? Would you like to get some useful tips to apply in your daily and real life in order to make it more productive? So, you should take a look at THE HAPINESS PROJECT blog. Actually, I’ve just found out this blog, but what I’ve been reading until now seems to be useful for me. Try it and enjoy!! 😉


Get phrasal verbs.

November 24, 2008


Hi there!

Today I’ll post here another very interesting video with an English class. I have to tell you I’ve learned a lot of things with these Steve’s on line English classes, and I’m sure you’ll do as well. I’d like to put a spotlight on the GET PHRASAL VERBS below, with some usage examples:

GET THE IMPRESSION = to become aware of something.

E.g.: I got the impression this blog is becoming a pleasurable habit for me. 🙂

GET ACROSS = communicate successfully; make the people understand what you’re trying to say.

E.g.: I wonder if I’m getting myself across in English to you. 😉

Hope you enjoy!

Can you read?

November 22, 2008



English class on line

November 12, 2008

Hi, there!

Today I just would like to remind you about a very cool website in which you can watch useful videos about EFL and keep in touch with many people from many parts of the world. I think you should take a look on Peppy Club website and subscribe to be aware of video updates such as the one you can watch below! 🙂


Dictionary (a good one)

November 10, 2008


Hi, there!!!!

Today my tip is about dictionary. I have had some difficulty in finding a good on line dictionary with phrasal verbs. I’ve just found one!!!!

Hope you like it after clicking on here!

Tong Twister

November 8, 2008


Hi, there!

I was laughing a lot while trying to speak some tong twisters from this site here. It’s so funny and useful to feel (and listen to) ourselves getting better in speaking English! Ok! Just have fun!!!!!

Try this tong twister below:

“Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?”

And this one?

“The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.”

Is it hard? Ahahahahahahahahah…

You’ll find much more here. Enjoy!!!!